Mayor's Message

Izmir, which has been home to various civilizations such as the Hittite civilization, the Roman civilization, and the Hellenic civilization, and extremely important cities such as Ephesus (Efes) and Pergamon (Bergama), has always played an important role in health, art, and trade throughout history.

Today, Izmir continues to be an important attraction centre thanks to its modern and intellectual residents, its complaisant and reconciliatory identity, its multi-cultural history, and geographical advantages.

Today, city health and the health of city dwellers has become a priority throughout the world as a result of the increase in urbanization, and the rate of migration. Unfortunately, problems such as unhealthy city planning, the increase in air-water-soil pollution, social exclusion, sheltering under standards, poverty, and health inequalities continue to gradually rise as a threat.

The objectives of the World Health Organization, who is working overtime to establish “Healthy Cities” and offer city dwellers a high standard of living in accordance with sustainable development principles in order to overcome all these issues, is to increase the physical, mental, social, and environmental welfare of those living and working in the city, and make sure everyone equally benefits from opportunities the city has to offer, based on the “health for everyone” principle of the Healthy Cities Project.

Izmir Healthy Cities Project pioneers in implementing some applications among its peers. Written project partnership with Governor’s Office and universities has been conducted for the first time in Izmir in order to ensure sustainability of the project.

Izmir also takes the lead when to take civil initiative’s support in determination of public policies. The group of volunteers, involving academicians from universities, experts and representatives of professional chambers, has protected the city by trying to achieve common mind.

Opportunities that answer the different needs and expectations of citizens, and support healthy lifestyles should be presented, as well as environment that supports safety, social interaction, easy access, respect, and cultural identity when establishing a healthy city.

Our aim as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is to create a healthy and sustainable city with a high quality of life, where people enjoy living, by spreading the combination of strength, equality, and security of the people of Izmir across the entire city as part of our municipality services.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our project partners that have supported and contributed in establishing our Izmir Healthy Cities by sharing the experience and knowledge of their expert fields, providing their valuable views and suggestions, and sharing the emotions, thoughts, and excitement of our Municipality.

Best Regards.

               Aziz KOCAOĞLU

Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality