City Health Development Plan

The City Health Development Plan is a sense of planning that allows a common platform to develop that encourages all sectors to focus on health and the quality of life, determines the applications related to identifying and monitoring objectives and action processes, and sets forth the strategies and intervention programs to increase health throughout the city. 

A city health plan is an ongoing process that requires all relevant sectors and opinion leaders to work together with the people of the city.

Integrated all health and health-related activities, and establishes connections between sectors that have an influence over health.

The actions stated in the plan include all fundamental sectors that affect health, environment, social life, employment, and health service sectors.

It provides a direction for current and future health programs, and gives the vision for “Health for All” a practical meaning.

It helps to provide an environment for health-related developments to occur.

It makes developing new sources, and applying them, to solve the subject of health issues easier.

It helps eliminate the inequalities in health so that everybody has the same right and opportunity to health in accordance with the principles of “Health for Everyone.”

It helps develop policies relating to the activation and visibility of current and planned health activities.

It sees areas of the city as eco-systems that reflect the daily lives of people, and creates a high-class environment where opportunities are ongoing ecologically, regardless of the wealth and status of the people.