2030 "Sustainable Development Goals" conference

32th The Turkish Healty Cities Association the regular assembly meeting and the conference on” 2030 Sustainable Development Goals " were held by Sandıklı Municipality on 25-27 October 2019.The president of the Union of Healthy Cities and Alinur Aktaş mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Çöl mayor of Sandıklı, Eflatun Can Tortop district governor of Sandıklı, member mayors, councilors, members of the advisory board, member municipal coordinators, relevant managers of institutions and organizations, academics and students from universities, coordinators of the Union of Healthy Cities, members of the press and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Karşıyaka Municipality Councilman Saadet Çağın, Aylin Yel and Meral Aydın from the Department of climate change and Clean Energy attended this conference.


In order to address the importance of bicycle use in urban transportation and to raise awareness that cycling is an effective means of transportation, a certification of appreciationwas given to Izmirwhich supported "children let's go to school by bike" event held between 23-27 September 2019.The certificate was given by Alinur Aktaş Mayorof Bursa Metropolitan to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Karsiyaka Municipality Councilman Saadet Çağın.At the conference sessions, Meral Aydın from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Climate Change and Clean Energy Branch shared the presentation entitled “A Framework for Resilient Cities: Green-oriented adaptation project”.