“Izmir Green Cities Action Plan” information meeting


İzmir is receiving the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to prepare a Green Cities Action Plan.At the İzmır Green Cities Action Plan information meeting, Mayor of Izmir metropolitan municipalityTunç Soyer said: “the EBRD has provided a grant of 300 thousand euros to Izmir for the preparation of the İzmir Green Cities Action Plan.I am proud to say that this support was provided for İzmir for the first time in Turkey.”

Mayor Soyer said the Green Cities Action Plan was prepared with a participatory and transparent understanding, including all relevant stakeholders of İzmir in the process. He said: “A technical committee from our municipality, representatives of the relevant Directorate associated with the Governor's office, universities, chambers of architects, engineers and urban planners and various non-governmental organizations were part of this process. All our stakeholders contribute to our action plan work.”

İzmir, the first municipality in Turkey to participate in the program
EBRD Turkey Acting President Şule Topçu Kılıç said the aim of the GreenCities Action Plan is to build a better and more sustainable future for cities and their residents.Kilic added that 35 municipalities were selected for the program from 38 countries where the EBRD operates, and İzmir was the first municipality to participate in this program from Turkey.

Preparations for the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan have begun
The Metropolitan Municipality has renewed its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020 under the mayors global climate and Energy Convention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030. Metropolitan Municipality, “Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan” began to prepare work.

All work on the two action plans, which support each other, will be carried out together, and both action plans will be completed in 2020.Thus, Izmir's road map on climate and other environmental issues will be ready by 2030.The “Green Cities Action Plan” gives systematic priority to environmental issues, while the “Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan” will include actions to reduce energy, climate crisis and greenhouse gas emissions.