4 more facilities will supply the need for electricity from solar energy

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is adding four more solar-powered facilities. In line with the Metropolitan Sustainable City goal, 74 kilowatt solar panels are being installed in Bergama slaughterhouse, 68 kilowatt in Aliaga Firehouse, and 35 kilowatt in Uzundere Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, 25 kilowatt Çiğli Family Counseling Center.

Installation of solar panels in Bergama slaughterhouse, Aliağa Fire Department and Uzundere Multi-Purpose Sports Hall has been completed. The three facilities will begin serving shortly. Construction of a mini solar power plant to be installed in the Çiğli Family Counseling Center has begun.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to use public resources effectively while reducing total greenhouse gas emissions in Izmir with solar power plants. Mayor of İzmir metropolitan municipalityTunç Soyer, signed last year with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the jurisdiction of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality by at least 40 percent by 2030.

Çiğli mud rot drying plant, solar mud drying plant in Menderes, Bayraklı Ekrem Akurgal Life Park and gym, sparse Dog Shelter and Selçuk Solid Waste Transfer Station are other facilities in Izmir that use electricity produced from renewable energy sources. At Eshot's facilities in Buca, Eshot's electric buses are charged with electricity generated from solar panels.