4 awards at once...


Turkish Healthy Cities Association which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is also a member, 34. The Ordinary Assembly meeting was held in Izmir. In the opening speech of the meeting, Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir metropolitan municipality, stated that they are working within the framework of a comprehensive strategic plan that includes all of the United Nations ' Sustainable Development Goals to create a healthy city.

Turkey Healthy Cities Association 34. The Ordinary Assembly meeting was held in Izmir at the Suat Taşer Art Center in Bostanlı hosted by Karsiyaka Municipality. A meeting was held together with the award ceremony of the “Healthy Cities Best Practice Competition”, organized for the eleventh time by the Healthy Cities Association. Yavuz Selim Köşgergovernor of Izmir, Tunç Soyermayor of Izmir metropolitan municipality, President of Union of Healthy Cities, Alinur Aktaşmayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Cemil Tugaymayor of Karşıyaka, Ali Rıza Işlerdistrict governor of Karşıyaka, union member mayors and councillors attended this meeting.

Cemil Tugay,Mayor ofKarşıyaka, who made the opening speech of the meeting, emphasized that this meeting is very important during the pandemic and said: "Health is not a value that can only be remembered when you are sick. This process proved how important science, individual and social sensitivity, organization, economic and social measures are, above all, respect for expertise. In this sense, the Union of Healthy Cities is a great and important initiative to find a response to this need. Health requires a holistic approach. When we look at the targets within the scope of the 'Sustainable Development Principles and objectives of 2030' adopted by the Union of Healthy Cities, it is seen how wide, comprehensive understanding of the concept of health requires.”

We have to augment good examples.
President of Healthy Cities Association and mayor of Bursa metropolitan municipality Alinur Aktaş, in his speech, stated that their goal as a union is spread good practices indifferent cities, to Turkey. He said:“This year the competition eleventh times have organized four different categories. 102 project applications were submitted from 35 member municipalities. I wholeheartedly congratulate all participants. There are no winners of this type of project competitions. The winner is all of Turkey. We share the good examples with our member municipalities under the umbrella of the Healthy Cities Association. Everything we do has a health-related dimension. There are methods, ways to stay healthy before you go to hospitals and doctors. We want good examples to spread throughout our country.”

Our goal is create a healthy city.
Tunç Soyer, mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, stressed that important tasks are assigned to local governments to create a healthy city and touched on the importance of a holistic and sustainable strategy to improve the conditions of cities and citizens. 

Tunç Soyer stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is acting within the framework of a comprehensive strategic plan that includes all of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to create a healthy city, and said: “A transparent management approach that increases the well-being of the people of Izmir and ensures fair sharing of this well-being, strengthens social justice and solidarity, removes inequalities, provides access to services, increases participation and quality of life is our most basic principle.As a matter of fact, we see the four awards won by our municipality in the 'Healthy Cities best practice competition' organized by our Healthy Cities Association for the eleventh time this year as a result of this effort. During this difficult and complex pandemic process, we continued to grow the struggle for Izmir to be a healthy city with our crisis Municipality practice.I know that each member of our unit has fought a similar fight in different cities. Our meeting today will contribute significantly to the growth of our common struggle to create sustainable healthy cities in our country that are livable, sensitive to nature and the environment, planned, participatory, based on the principles of equality and justice, which own our historical and cultural heritage.I hope that this meeting will also provide a basis for discussion in which we can create opportunities for Healthy Cities from the crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in our cities"

Our municipalities are working very well.
Izmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger stated that citizens cannot live in a quality and healthy way due to unplanned construction in many cities, cooperation between Central and local governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector is needed in order for cities to remain livable. Köşger also said, Governorship watching the work done by the municipalities with great pleasure.

Four awards to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at once…
After the Assembly meeting, the award ceremony of the "Healthy Cities best practice competition", organized by the Association of Healthy Cities for the eleventh time this year, was held. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was awarded four awards in the competition, in which 35 member municipalities applied with 102 projects. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which participated in the competition with eight projects, won the award in the healthy urban planning category with “Social Distance and Bicycle Paths in Izmir”, but also received the Special Jury Award for his projects “Agricultural Forecasting and Early Warning System” in the healthy environment category, “Protecting Our Mental Health in the Pandemic” in the healthy life category and “People's Grocer” in the social responsibility category. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assistant Secretary GeneralErtugrul Tugay and Eser Atak received their awards from the President of Union of Healthy Cities and mayor of Bursa metropolitan municipality Alinur Aktaş. Orhan Sertaç Dölek, head of the Public Health Department, received his award from Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, the mayor of Kadıköy.